Think Green, Think Clean: My Fav Earth-Conscious Brand Round Up

While this month is officially earth day on April 22, in my world, we celebrate our planet every day – and I imagine if you’re reading this blog post right now, so do you!


Being clean is about more than just switching to safer beauty, it’s a lifestyle. Here are some of my FAVE clean brands who focus on People, Planet, and Profit. Meet the brands and businesses that inspire me daily with their commitment to transparency, quality, and integrity… Here are some friends of Mother Earth:



This luxurious fragrance brand doesn’t just make luxurious scents and candles, it’s a certified B Corp (like Beautcounter!) and was named a 2019 Best For The World honoree by B Lab for its community efforts.



Inspired by years of not liking what he saw on his toothpaste ingredient list, founder Eric “David” Buss decided he was going to make his own version—and our teeth have never felt better.



Did you know tampon companies aren’t required to disclose their full ingredient list? TOP (The Organic Project) was created to help create a transparent dialogue about period wellness and safety.



Take it to go with these reusable, plastic-free alternatives to resealable food storage bags. It doesn’t hurt that Stasher is a certified B Corp and donates 1% of sales to vetted environmental nonprofits (as a member of 1% for the Planet).



This certified B Corp is a member of the Conservation Alliance, the Fair Labor Association, and a number of other eco-conscious groups. In other words, Patagonia does responsible retail right.



This online retailer aims to make shopping for healthy food simpler and more affordable. Whether you’re paleo, raw vegan, or something in between, sign up for a subscription and you’re good to go.



I’ve stood behind this female-founded and led clean beauty company for the last 6+ years and I stand behind this brand now more than ever. Explore Beautycounter’s biggest wins across our most important initiatives including safety, sustainable, advocacy, and giving. You can read all about it HERE in our annual Social Mission Report.


A lot can happen in a year. Here’s the highlight reel:


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