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Journey Back to H.E.R.

Journey Back to H.E.R. is a holistic, consciously curated journey to truly birth yourself anew, and transform all facets of your life including relationships, health, career/business, spirituality, and beyond.

What are you ready to birth on the quantum and physical level, love!? Your soul’s purpose, a new business venture, your NY Times best-selling book, a fully healed body, your Beloved partner, a physical child?!

The possibilities and potentialities are endless, and I am here to support you in your ultimate journey of healing, expansion, and rebirth… Your sacred homecoming back to your truest self.

This is an intimate 9 month rebirth and remembrance journey of conception, gestation, and creation.

Using Lindsay’s E3 Method, you will begin to operate as the most embodied, empowered, and expanded version of yourself.

Together we will co-create the following with Lindsay’s H.E.R framework:

This includes a three-pronged sacred journey of Healing, and activation through Embodiment, Empowerment, and Expansion, and Rebirth.

During our time together, you will be guided, supported, called forward, and held high in awakening your highest timeline and full potential to experience all that you desire and more.

More juicy details of our co-created partnership together can be found below:

  • Gently dissolving and re-programming limiting patterns and belief systems that hold you back from your highest vision for your life
  • Deep healing and transmutation to create access and opening of your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual body
  • Daily rituals, practices, transmissions, and activations that support you in becoming the fullest expression of your
  • Deepening your trust and faith muscles in both your seen and unseen support, so that you will begin to ultimately believe in your innate power, wisdom, and Divine authentic self
  • Full alignment of your soul’s purpose and unlocking your unique spiritual gifts
  • Raising your vibration and consciousness, so that you become magnet for miracles and manifestation

Journey Back to H.E.R WILL BE CONSCIOUSLY CURATED to meet your desires in birthing your dream life made manifest into this physical reality.

My role as your trusted mentor at every step of the journey is to believe in you and see the highest version of you … While holding your bold vision for your life and soul’s evolution until you wholeheartedly believe it for yourself. I’m here to link arms with you in this next chapter of your self-discovery, your sacred homecoming, your Divine rebirth.



Working privately in this 1-1 capacity is an intimate, energetic, and sacred journey, and only limited to a select few each year… If this is pulling at your heart strings and your soul is burning with desire, it is time to SAY YES AND APPLY to the Great Mystery that lies before you as we co-create magic and miracles together!


What My Soul Clients are Saying…

Group Program

Journey of the Awakened Woman

Journey of the Awakened Woman group program is a 9-month potent, accelerated, and transformational container to heal your relationship with yourself, so that you can feel fully alive in your body and unleash the fullest expression of your authentic self.


Through my cutting edge framework, I guide you to reconnect with yourself through your sacred vessel – YOUR BODY. Once you reconnect with yourself and wake up your body’s intelligence, your ability to create anything that you desire is fully activated.

In this container, I guide women through 3 pillars of our sacred journey together while in the safety of like-minded women:

Learn how to connect intimately with yourself through radical self care and sacred ritual. Unlock your connection with your spiritual nature to feel the abundance of unseen support that surrounds you. Discover how to connect vulnerably and courageously within a safe community of like-minded women.

Integrate the program’s framework with applicable tools, movements, and practices to activate the transformation inside of your body. Discover your true nature as energetic, rhythmic beings through breath, movement, meditation, activating your soul blueprint, syncing with our innate feminine cycles, and beyond.

Unlock how to manifest the whispers of your soul, once your body is activated and your frequency is elevated. Watch your decisions become easier and more clear. Witness yourself as the brilliant, Divine, magnetic being that you are. Find joy and presence in each moment. Generate abundance with flow.


Journey of the Awakened Woman is offered once a year and by application only. More details to apply can be found by clicking the button below.

What My Soul Clients are Saying…

“To awaken is to remember the truth of who you are. It is not to become.”

— Lindsay Marten Ellis

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