Episode #82: This is Our Divine Feminine Moment with Kenlyn Kolleen

Supporting You as Your Ally to


Your Divine Potential

How I went from overworking, overconsuming, and overcompensating to igniting women around the globe in co-creating a sacred life of reverence for their soul's journey and human experience.

I am a spirit-led, heart-centered, and deeply inspired woman with a powerful transformational healing journey.  What I almost allowed to take me down and dim my light instead lit a fire in my belly to share my raw experience with the world.  So here I am – getting intimate and vulnerable because I now know that: 

Collective consciousness heals as we courageously heal our individuated wounds.

My mission is to guide women in healing their relationship with themselves through the body, so that they can begin to live in alignment with their truest, most fully expressed, and authentic selves. I am here to walk with you as your ally, and show you how to unlock the dormant door of awakening that already resides within you.  

It is time to remember.

My life wasn't always filled with magic and miracles...

From a near-death drowning experience when I was 2 years old, to traumatically losing my best friend in a car accident during my college years…


From suffering from debilitating chronic hormone imbalance into my 20’s, to walking away from a decade-long corporate career as an Environmental Engineer and starting my own business…


From a soul-shattering awakening journey in my early 30’s, to feeling an immense fear of using my voice, being seen, and radiating as my authentic self…


These excruciating experiences throughout each decade of my existence, has allowed me glean the wisdom from my wounds.


They have catalyzed me into the bold, courageous, compassionate woman I am today and I wouldn’t change any of these defining experiences for the world!

Now I am living a life of full trust, unshakable faith, and pure devotion:

I believe that our souls have crossed paths together today for a Divine purpose. I’m fully equipped, ready, and elated to guide you on the path of your sacred remembrance.


“Our humanity is the medicine that brings us closer to our divinity.”

— Lindsay Marten Ellis

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