Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

The Ticket to Sustainability: Say Goodbye to New Year’s Resolutions.

Are you finally ready to stop living your life in fits and starts? All or nothing? Black and white?

…To create sustainability, ease, flow, and freedom in your day to day regardless or what in your external world presents you with?

It is time to live beyond resolutions, love.

Here is the formal definition of the word resolve…



1) settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).
2) decide firmly on a course of action.

You see, the word resolve is often associated with fixing a deficit or problem…

But what if there is absolutely NOTHING to fix?

What if we choose to simply DISSOLVE instead?

There is a resonance of tension that resides in the root of resolve, where there is a sense of ease in the word dissolve.

‘Dis’ in latin translates to apart, while ‘solvere’ in latin translates to loosen or solve.

So, the word dis-solve actually means to break down into component or parts.

Dissolve feels softer. It feels a bit gentler. There is a sense of solace and peace that exudes from it.

What if this year we begin with the intention of gently untethering everything we know to be true about ourselves and our world?

What if we choose to uncover and unearth what is creating perpetual patterns of loathing, dis-trust, sabotage, beat up, criticism, and/or judgment that holds us back from owning our authentic power?

It is time to dissolve into The Great Mystery and choose to dance with the emotions that we restrict, to face the areas that we numb, and to meet the shadow parts of ourself that we disown and hide.

Because the only way out is through.

All of the answers that we seek exist in the depths of who we are.

Are you ready to make the bold, courageous, and revolutionary act to go to the places that we have been conditioned to stuff down in the basements of our being?


If so, continue on, beauty…

I recently shared a solo episode on my podcast, Soulshine Radio, where I dive into my “pop cultural New Year” revelations over the years… And how I believe I have cracked the code on sustainability as it relates to my vitality, freedom, joy, and vision for my life and the planet… Amidst experiencing it ALL – pain, heartbreak, loss, death, and beyond.

I invite you to take a listen if you desire to guide yourself through unshakable trust, while rooted in the depths of your authentic desires.

>> You can check out the full episode HERE.

Love and blessings, beautiful!

PS if you’re feeling the call to go even deeper, I am currently offering a select number of private one-on-one calls for ONLY $22. If you want to kick off your year with intentionality, alignment, and full self trust this call is for you.


During our time together, we will move beyond resolutions, and I will teach you how to ditch the surface short term new year goals, so that you can embody your soul-led destiny from a rooted place of unshakable trust!

Simply come as you are with your heart open and your mind curious. Don’t just take my word for it…

These 30 minute private calls WORK because I move you out of your head and into your heart. THIS is where the quickening resides.

Chat soon!


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