Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

Cycle Syncing: Secret Link Between Hormones and Productivity

Are you feeling overwhelmed, energy depleted, or burnt out? Are you lacking confidence or direction, or seeking clarity? Are you suffering from chronic stress, hormone imbalance, or fatigue? Then this blog post with some of my best kept embodied secrets is for YOU!

Below I have provided simple practices that you can start to implement TODAY, which will help you thrive with one simple twist. I have broken the guidance up into four sections totaling 28 days to coincide the four phases of our unique hormone cycle as women.

The symptoms I described above are not your fault! It is purely the manifestation of the masculine model that we have operated on for quite some time as women. Men’s hormones cycle every 24 hours, while women’s cycle every 28 days. As women began to enter into the workplace in large masses during the 1960’s, we were molded by society to operate the same way that men do. This did not set us up for success and, in turn, caused us feel like we were failing while manifesting as physical symptoms in our bodies.

The synergy of the masculine and feminine is such a beautiful thing. Both energetics live inside all of us as human beings. The feminine is creative, supportive, grounded, and intuitive while the masculine is focused, logical, stable, and disciplined. But as women we get to allow ourselves to channel the feminine first to set us up to receive and then take the aligned masculine approach to move and shake the world!

This can be applied for all who identify as women, from the female CEO’s of the world to the stay at home mamas working tirelessly to raise kiddos. Our cycles as women span approximately every 28 days starting with the menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and luteal phase.

If you identify as female, and do not currently have a menstrual cycle, then you can simply follow the lunar cycle. Mother nature does not make mistakes. The lunar cycle is also a 28 day cycle. You can also use the four seasons gifted to us by mother earth herself to help you understand how you should be responding and receiving during the current phase you’re in. You can also use the four elements (water, air, fire, and earth… Captain Planet style hehe) to help you understand this natural process as well. When we see how nature and the cosmos rhythmically cycles every day, week, month, and year,  it helps us to understand our body’s rhythmic cycle.
  • Menstrual phase (Days 1-6) = New Moon = Winter Season = Inward = Water
  • Follicular phase (Days 7-13) = Waxing Moon = Spring Season = Outward = Air
  • Ovulation phase (Days 14-20) = Full Moon = Summer Season = Outward = Fire
  • Luteal phase (Days 12-28) = Waning Moon = Fall Season = Inward = Earth

Below, I have created your simple blueprint to empower you to remember your body’s natural rhythm, following each phase of our feminine cycle. The intent is to not force and try to fit everything perfectly into these four phases. The intent is to slowly become aware of the power and rhythms found in nature, so that you can set clearer boundaries with yourself and others, and to listen to the wisdom of your body so you will know exactly what you need to thrive. Over time, like anything, this will become effortless, and you will feel flow, ease, and more time in your day. I suggest printing this out and pinning them up visibly as a guide until you get comfortable. I also suggest using using a cycle tracker, like the free Flo application, for your device to simplify. Remember, don’t force! And start simple. Perhaps start with one area of your life, like working out or movement. That’s how I started. The key is to become more aware of your body and how to channel your energy, so that you can show up for yourself, your work, and those you love in your life!

Menstrual Phase – A time to REST, evaluate, and follow your intuition.


Food – Eat nourishing, hearty meals and iron-rich foods.

Cook more hearty stews and soups with starchy vegetables. Think comfort food during your favorite winter months that will really nourish your body, which will allow you to feel safe while combating cravings. Also adding shellfish and spinach to your diet to increase iron will keep your energy stable.

Movement – Rest, stretch, and walk.

REST… Or even better NAP (think hibernation during the winter months). You have permission this week for a nap to be considered exercise. I know this can be a challenge at first, but it is so critical to rest during this phase as you have the lowest hormone levels during this time. If you over-exert during this phase, it depletes you during your other more energized phases. At the most I suggest stretching, pilates, walking, yin yoga, and/or yoga nidra during this time.

Business – Make decisions, research, and read.

This is the best time to make decisions, as this is the most intuitive time. This is also the most inward time, so research and reading books/articles related to your line of work is also helpful.

Relationships – Give yourself permission to have a relationship with you this week.

We really do well when we’re alone as much as possible during this phase. If you have a partner, make sure you explain you need rest and time for yourself so that it can be scheduled this week (especially if there are kiddos in the mix).

Personal – Self care in whatever ways feel good to you.

This is truly the best time for self-care. Whatever that looks like for you. I suggest adding one thing to your calendar each day that is for you! Do you want to sit outside in nature? Do you want to take a long epsom salt bath? Do you want to give yourself an at home facial? Do you want to catch up on your favorite fiction novel? This time is for YOU.

Treat Yourself – Nourish yourself with a candlelit bath and an at home pedicure.

We can’t fill from an empty cup! Schedule time this week to nourish your body. I suggest giving yourself a sacred candlelit bath followed by an at home pedi. 

Follicular Phase – A time to start anew and CREATE.

Food – Eat light, fresh foods.

Eat the rainbow every day! Think vibrant, fresh foods just like the Springtime with all of the color and new life. This is a time for salads with a lot of vegetables, lean proteins, and sprouted seeds.

Movement – Try a new, energizing workout.

This phase is really all about starting anew and trying new things. If there is a high-energy workout that you’ve been itching to try, NOW is the time. Even better if you do it with friends and/or your partner. Your hormones start to increase following your menstrual phase, so you have the confidence and openness to blossom. Some examples are ‘S-Factor’ pole fitness, ‘Steezy’ hip hop dance class, ‘Zumba’, and/or ‘The Class’ body-based HIIT.

Business – Start a new project and set new goals.

This is the best time to start a new project, set new goals, or try out new ideas from a business perspective… Even better if it comes from a fun, lighthearted, creative space. Brainstorming meetings with your colleagues during this time is very helpful.

Relationships – Go on a date somewhere new.

This week is all about trying something different. If you have a partner, you can plan to go somewhere new where there is live music, farmers market, or a festival for example. If you are single, this is a great time to put yourself out there and go on dates. You can also use this time to have a date with a friend exploring someplace new or even taking your kiddos somewhere they have never been for a fun adventure, like a museum or aquarium.

Personal – Learn something new you keep putting off.

During this time you have a lot of focus, self-motivation with the capacity to have fun and try to learn new things. Do you want to finally learn Italian? Do you finally want to learn how to ballroom dance? Do you want to learn how to rock climb? DO IT. This is the time.

Treat Yourself – Learn a simple and new makeup look.

This week is all about embodying our youth and playfulness! I suggest learning a new non-tox makeup look and then taking yourself out on a date! Remember, we want to use clean beauty products to limit endocrine disrupting ingredients that can wreak havoc on our hormones.

Ovulation Phase – A time to let yourself be SEEN.  

Food – Load up on raw vegetables and fruit.

Think light foods this week with lots of raw vegetables, fruit, and quinoa. Vegetable salads and fruit salads are the name of the game.

Movement – High intensity group workouts. 

You have the most energy during this time, so make sure you burn it off or else it could manifest as anxiousness down the road. Bootcamps, running, circuit training, spinning classes with other people and groups are best suited during this time.

Business – Collaborate and network.

Our energy is high, and we are also highly magnetic, fun, productive, and confident, which makes for the perfect cocktail to be fully seen! Say yes to anything in person with other people including networking events, conferences, presentations, meetings, brainstorming sessions, and lectures. This is also a very empathetic time, so it’s also a great time for check-ins with colleagues.

Relationships – Have fun and get social with everyone in your life.

This week, the name of the game is FUN. Get together with friends, and attend gatherings and parties. If you are single, this is the perfect time to go on dates. If you are in a relationship, this is the perfect time to go on a double date. Perhaps you host a dinner party or take a family trip during this time!

Personal – Communicate with family, friends, and partners.

During this time your communication flows effortlessly. This is a great time to have a heart to heart or a discussion that has been heavy on your heart for a while. You are most empathetic, so you will be able to have very deep and productive conversations regarding personal matters. Conversations will flow more naturally and everyone involved will feel more at ease.

Treat Yourself – Host a fun night in with your favorite women in your life!

This week is all about connecting in groups! I suggest having some of your favorite women over for a spa night, dance party, and/or dinner. My fave non-tox and sustainable mask is this Charcoal Facial Mask, which pulls out the toxins in your skin, and also makes for a fun photoshoot, is the perfect addition to any gal’s night in.

Luteal Phase – A time to COMPLETE projects.

Food – Consume root vegetables and leafy greens.

Think root vegetables like sweet potatoes to help curb cravings, while keeping you full and allowing you to flush the excess estrogen during this phase. Excess estrogen can cause PMS during this week, so you really want to nourish through food during this time. Eating leafy greens like spinach and kale can also reduce fluid retention during this phase as we approach our menstrual cycle.

Movement – Work out with slow, grounded movement.

This phase is the longest of all four phases. At the beginning of this phase, you will likely have more energy, so slow body weight strength training or power yoga may work best for you. While at the end of this phase, you may have lower energy as you approach menstruation, so gentle yoga and pilates are suggested.

Business – Tie up loose ends and focus on the details.

The wisdom of our bodies knows that rest is approaching during the menstrual phase. So this week is all about completing projects and tasks, and focusing on the details prior to rest. This is a great time to close your door, focus, and churn out work in larger blocks of time without interruptions!

Relationships – Spend one on one time with a loved one that fills you up.

This week is more inward, and it’s not advised to network or attend large group functions. It’s suggested to spend one on one time with someone who gives you energy, someone that you love being around, and someone that makes you feel good. Perhaps you go for a walk together in nature, you cook dinner together at your house, or you catch up over the phone. This person should fill you up, and not deplete any of your energy (as your energy levels are beginning to drop during this phase as you approach menstruation)!

Personal – Spend time tidying up and finishing at home projects.

This is the most opportune time to tidy up your house, clean out your junk drawer, or go through your closet to donate clothes. This is an inward week, but also a week for completing tasks and feeling accomplished. If there is a project that you keep putting off at home, now is your time to finish it while you have the focus!

Treat Yourself – Clean your makeup brushes (you know it’s been ages and need love)!

This week is all about getting things done and tending to projects you may have been putting off! I suggest spending time taking care of things like cleaning your makeup brushes, which should be cleaned every two weeks to keep bacteria from growing.

Final thoughts: You get to enjoy this process and have fun with it. It’s fun learning the wisdom of our bodies and should not feel overwhelming. I suggest starting with one area of your life, like workouts for example and easing into it. My two favorite resources to start learning this method is Woman Code by Alisa Vitti and Do Less by Kate Northrup!

You’ve got this. Have fun, get curious, and give yourself some grace sister! Reply in the comments below which area of your life you are going to start!

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