Episode #82: This is Our Divine Feminine Moment with Kenlyn Kolleen

Straight from Source: The Simple Answer to Ending War

What my guides have shown me is THIS…

We are moving from lower resonances of consciousness into much higher resonances of consciousness.

Lower states of consciousness involve war, manipulation, authoritarianism, control, greed, etc.

It is important that we continue to FEEL and BE in the collective shadow for us to evolve as humanitarians.

It is a VERY deep, and VERY raw moment of existence.

When we create more division and separation by blaming, pointing fingers, telling others they are wrong, etc. we perpetuate the shadow.

My guides have asked myself and asked us this very important question, “Can you learn to stand in the shadow, bear witness to the shadow, BE in the shadow, observe the shadow, and FEEL the shadow, but not perpetuate it?… By simply holding a higher perspective with your heart wide open, infused with compassion and empathy as we all stand on this battlefield between LOVE and FEAR.”

My integration of these downloads:

It is incredibly important to FEEL the shadow of the state of war we are experiencing in our world. It is important to BE in the battlefield, while observing our own shadow and where we show up as tyrants, authoritarians, and controllers in our ways of being.

FEEDING the state of war we are in through obsessive media consumption and feelings of hopelessness is perpetuating the division within and by default, our collective.

This is a high practice and I recognize it may be challenging to consciously grasp these teachings with our logical mind.

It has taken me months to fully be able to hold this frequency and way of being.

My ask is that you remain open to possibility that we are absolutely the co-creators of all of the shadow (war) and all of the light (freedom) that exists in both our internal and external experience.

My invitation to begin to receive these FREEDOM codes in your subconscious:

Please watch this video below and breathe these words into your BEing. It is okay if your logical mind of your human self doesn’t fully understand the concepts… YET. Your higher octave self does.

“How do I get to BE in order for you to be free?

Our present civilization has taken away freedoms from human beings…

Not because one culture oppresses another, but because we lost the imagination of what sight meant…Of what these inner capacities really mean.

It’s important to reestablish the question, “How do I get to BE as a human being for someone else to be free?”

Explore that possibility…

Because inwardly we all know what the prerequisites are for our own freedom.

It’s a type of consent…It’s a type of agreement that is required in order to BE and to exercise freedom.

We cannot create freedom out of self interest… Freedom cannot be pursued out of self interest.

Freedom must be a mutual gift from one human being to another, recognizing that if I limit one person’s freedom, I limit my own.

We cannot take away something from someone that is so mutually tied to our collective state of existence.

Freedom is not FROM something, or TO ACHIEVE something.

It is simply a freedom to be present with.

Does this spark something deeper within you?

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