Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

Remembrance: Honoring the Great MLK Jr.

There is so much that I wanted to share on Monday, but I couldn’t find the words (which is rare I know ).

I spent a lot of time contemplating what this fierce leader did for our world…

I listened to the full I Have a Dream speech which I bask in several times a year for deep inspiration.

And I stare at this quote every morning.

It’s been pinned up above my desk for years.


Recently my understanding of the “light” and the “darkness” we often hear people speak of has crystallized in a new way.
The same goes for “love” and “hatred”.

I don’t feel ready to share it all here yet.
But I will soon, I promise.

Leadership comes in many shapes and forms and I love learning about those in the world who stood up for injustice,
who challenged the status quo,
who questioned both science and religion,
who asked deeper questions,
who spoke of what everyone else wanted to say but were too afraid,
and who took action even when there was deep-rooted fear.

Biologically as mammals, change is a scary thing.
And yet, it is so necessary for our evolution.

We live in times where we are more conscious than ever, and the shadows of the world continue to be illuminated through the advancements of technology (ie the network of the internet).

The world is not falling apart.
It’s falling into place.
It’s a natural order…
It always is.

Outdated and oppressive systems and structures that do not serve the whole are crumbling.
It’s messy, and yet it’s necessary.

I have been fascinated for the last several years understanding the history of our planet and the same cycles and seasons that repeat at new layers of consciousness.


The book The Fourth Turning is one of my favs. Humanity is in a deep winter right now. It is not the first time and it will not be the last.

For example, WWII was absolutely horrific and yet this event led to a quickening of an evolved humanity.
It birthed unity, free speech, human rights (the United Nations!!!), new countries, and new technologies.
It was a mass suffering that raised the consciousness of the world and transformed our planet well beyond our comprehension.

Nobody ever wants to be in the winter of a Fourth Turning, yet on the other side, humanity is always grateful for what these times in history helped us evolve into.

Since when did challenging and questioning become conspiracy theory?

Since when did we begin to believe that harmony in the world meant no conflict?

Since when did we become so obsessed with needing to be right about our own limitations?

In order for our world to be in harmony, we get to come back into harmony within.

We are all OF the earth, we are not just ON it.
Which means we are all made of the same “stuff”.
Yet we are all individuated.
We are meant to be individuated.
And celebrated for that.

My vision is a world in which we are sovereign beings.
Where we are no longer dependent on the systems and structures we have put into place that keeps us in the box of our limitations.
We can leverage them, but we are not bound by them.

This is a powerful time in history to be alive.


Because on the other side of a Fourth Turning is Spring – new life and vitality, fresh perspective, unity, joy, love, and a greater understanding.

My invitation is to turn off mainstream media.
Go inside and then leverage outside support.
You don’t need the television to tell you what Truth is.
Your already KNOW the answer.

What is opening up for you with this conversation?
I’d love to know!


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