Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

Modern Mindfulness: Optimize Your Energy This Holiday Season

Are you living “aligned?” Wait, what does that even mean and how does one ‘optimize their energy’? What’s up with all of the “masculine” and “feminine” mentions these days and why are both important? And during stressful times, what are some ways to land back in the present moment?⁣

In this podcast episode with my dear soul sis and college Rebekka Mars, I answer it all! Tune in and hear more about my healing journey of following the universal breadcrumbs of life, while leaning into my gifts of blending science and spirituality (amongst so many more). ⁣

There’s so much to gain in hearing these insightful shares and my ability to make the woo more practical in this potent interview episode.⁣

I even offer a live, on the spot practice to ground down to help settle into the powerful present. Juicy, juicy, and even more juicy!

Want to tune in to more wisdom-packed podcast episodes. Ask and you shall receive… You can check out hours of content to listen to HERE.


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