Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

My Presence Secret: Never Feel Like You’re Running Out of Time Again

If you ever feel like you’re living for everybody but yourself and you’re tired of repeating the same daily obligations day after day, there’s a more efficient approach to manage your calendar, your time, and your life!

Today I am revealing all my secrets on The #IAmVibrant podcast.

It’s a brief 30 minute, value-packed episode that you don’t want to miss, especially as we fully step into the holiday season upon us.

My friend and colleague, Leah Lund, hosts the #IAmVibrant podcast and she’s on a mission to help spiritually conscious women finally attract an abundance of energy, time and financial success by going beyond time or mindset management to the only way that works to create a new reality… ENERGY ATTUNEMENT.

In my episode of #IAmVibrant, I teach all about how honoring your sacred feminine rhythms as a woman can move YOU closer to your VISION for YOUR life.

Because, let’s face it… Women and men are anatomically designed differently.


As women, our bodies are not meant to perform the same things in the same timing or routine every day.

When we, as women, become attuned to noticing the feedback our body is giving us any any given moment in time and align our schedule and activity to flow with these rhythms, the result can lead to greater success with more ease and flow.


Listen in and you’ll gain golden insights like:


  • How to gently release pent up or stuck emotions in the body, so you can create more emotional availability in your day doing what you LOVE
  • How to organize your calendar and your day in a way where you’ll never feel like you’re running out of time again
  • What projects and activities to take on that aligns energetically with your hormone levels as a woman throughout the month

In a whole, during these 30 minutes, I teach you the ART OF ALLOWING THE BODY TO LEAD, which equals less resistance and more availability.


My interview is now LIVE and you can find it HERE.


To your VIBRANCE, love!


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