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Soulful Movement: Honest Review of Taryn Toomey’s ‘The Class’

If you’re reading this right now, you may be in the midst of a several month long pandemic quarantine, and looking to find new ways to move your body while in the comfort of your own home. Or you may be juggling a family and/or career, and seeking to optimize your time during your workouts in a way that feels good for you!


Regardless of how you landed here, I am so glad you did. Because the at home workout that completely changed my life is called The Class by Taryn Toomey. And if you know me in my personal or internet life (hehe!), you know I’ve been screaming from the rooftops how much I love this workout for quite some time now!


How I was Introduced to The Class:

Over the last several months, I started a new way of making decisions, which I have coined The “Power of Three”. And basically, that’s a fancy way of saying that I have let my mind cloud my decisions so much in the past, that this has allowed me to make decisions from an intuitive, grounded state. It has actually been life-changing. 


You may know that I am a certified Quantum Human Design Guide, which I use as a tool in my mentoring in coaching. What I now know about my Generator Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority is that I am truly here to:


1) light up the world through my work, and
2) respond to life, and
3) not make decisions in an emotional state.


I am not meant to force and start anew. I am here to respond to what life throws my way in order to use my generative energy to create. The Power of Three has truly allowed me to follow my intuition and respond to what’s best for me. My introduction to my new favorite at-work workout “The Class” was no different.


First Ping: First I was introduced to The Class at Beautycounter’s 2019 Leadership Conference. One of the local instructors came in to help us with breathing, movement, and meditation to start our long days. I loved it!


Second Ping: Then about nine months later, my dear friend Oz was raving to me over the phone about The Class. She knew it was for me. I remember telling her that I do better in group settings with in person workouts, but that I would check it out. This was WELL before the pandemic.


Third Ping: About two months after that, I reconnected with a beautiful Beautycounter colleague, Lauren, that I meant during our West Palm Beach incentive trip the year prior. She was hooked. And finally I remembered she was my third and final ping, so I checked it out that same week.


My Experience of The Class:


There was a 14-day free trial, which I loved. So I give myself ample time to try it. After the first class, I was hooked, and I knew the $45 monthly cost would be well worth the investment.


It was truly the most dynamic workout that I’ve ever experienced for a true mind, body, and spirit movement-based practiced. I have never experienced anything like it before and it is a transformative workout from the inside out.


And I’ve tried it all. It’s so fascinating when I look back at the ways in which I used to work out. I trained to be the fastest, fittest, strongest woman I could be. I always wanted to prove myself and burnt myself out in the process. My ego kicked in A LOT. My days of daily Crossfit, bootcamps, and boxing days that filled my 20’s are now long gone.


I started to explore yoga, pilates, and barre, but I always felt like I missed the HITT movement that left me feeling so sweaty, renewed, and energized.  The Class bridged everything that my 34 year old self had been looking for a total transformative experience that allowed me to release the stressors of my day while getting a killer workout. 

The simplest way to explain the workout is that it is a simple and repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics workout, where our bodies are challenged to engage the mind. There’s guided instruction by so many dynamic, diverse, and amazing instructors with powerful music and lyrics. I actually use the Shazam app on auto-pilot mode to capture the music because it’s THAT good. invites us to witness the resistance to discomfort, which is the most beautiful thing. The result is an expansive, heart-clearing and body-strengthening release. The Class challenges and enlightens us all all while building an incredibly strong, lean, resilient body. I never thought a workout will provide me with the tools to empower my life… But it has!


What is even more amazing is that I was doing this workout for a few months before Coronavirus quarantine. When quarantine happened, I was concerned that I would miss the full class element. And what I found is that even with just the instructor on camera, I felt part of the collective and everyone across the globe tuning it. I never felt alone.


Recap – Top 5 Reasons why I am obsessed with The Class:


  1. $45 breaks down to twice a week at $6 a class for a 65 minute workout. You cannot beat that for a full body workout with so much diversity.
  2. It combines mind, body, and spirit practices into one movement-based workout that feels good while also allows for a stellar sweat and workout.
  3. It’s the only HIIT workout I’ve ever seen that recommends setting an intention, lighting a candle, and burning palo santo with quartz next to you for the full experience. A lightworker’s DREAM.
  4. The workout is completely scalable. I recently broke my toe and was able to keep the movement grounded. I also keep it grounded during the luteal and menstrual phases of my cycle to coincide with my energy during the month.
  5. It’s the only online workout I’ve done that allows me to truly feel I am in the room with the instructors and other participants.
So, there you have it. My latest Movement for the Soul obsession. You can try out your 14-day trial at Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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