Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

Manifesting Secrets: Connect With Your Body to Reprogram Your Mind

Do you find that your “monkey mind” is constantly overpowering your inner knowing and intuition?


Do you have subconscious negative emotions and trauma affecting your ability to fully step into your authenticity?


Do you deeply desire to access the depths of your feelings, but you find yourself blocking and limiting your ability to truly feel and experience all that life has to offer?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone!


We have been programmed to believe that the mind is QUEEN when in actuality, the mind was designed to support our inner knowing. The majority of the time, this largest nerve pathway in our body directly communicates to the brain, NOT the other way around. The exciting news is that through the vagus nerve, we can easily rewire the brain.


When we connect to our body and allow ourselves to transmute stuck emotions stored within magic, ease, and flow begin to happen.

During this podcast episode, I share all about my cutting-edge soul-led framework that helps women heal their relationship with themselves through connecting to the body.


Listen in on this episode if you’d like to discover:


  • How to reprogram your brain through the body
  • How breath and movement can gently and quickly help you heal
  • Practices and tools to support you on your healing and transformation journey
  • And so much more!

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