Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

The Field of Miracles: Healing Chronic Illness Through the Body

I had the privilege of presenting and speaking at the third annual Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Awareness Week Virtual Summit produced by My Gold Lining, Inc. This summit is sponsored by the HS Foundation, Designs By Muriel, 100 Page Journals, My Magic Healer, Dermeleve, CLn Skincare, Tonya Griffin Life and Wellness Coach, HS Connect, and HidraWear.


I am so grateful to be a part of this summit this year. It’s brought so much joy to my heart and I know it has had a tremendous impact on the HS community both during our live event and those who are catching the recording for continued support.


This year, the focus was on providing people suffering with this chronic illness with the tools to take their healing into their own hands. Because there is no cure for HS and treatment options are often temporary, inconsistent, or ineffective, the HS community is leaning into more holistic practices to manage and treat symptoms.


As patients are researching, there are some businesses and organizations providing misleading information. To combat this, the summit was birthed!

On the fifth and final day, I served as the keynote speaker, which was moderated by the founder of My Gold Lining, Inc. Jasmine IVANNA Espy. My session focuses on somatic work and chronic illness. Patients learned how to transmute trauma through grounding and breathwork.


For more of my teachings, you can check out my Youtube channel!


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