Episode #82: This is Our Divine Feminine Moment with Kenlyn Kolleen

Gentle Reframe: The Topic of “Needs” and “Boundaries”

I wanted to briefly talk about “Needs” and “Boundaries” today… And why I choose not to use these ‘words’ during this time, plus a reframe that may support you.


I did something I’ve NEVER done before today!!! I went LIVE in my private community group first, and then I am uploaded it publicly on Instagram, as I am practicing sharing my musings to the general population.


My human self feels some resistance, but my higher self knows this is what I get to do to support humanity during this time.


My hopes is that it shows others that you can still be a teacher while being a student yourself, and that even though the fear is there at times, the practice of flexing the courage and consistency muscle helps tremendously.


I realize some of these teachings may not make sense or may cause contraction at this time, and that’s absolutely okay.


Allow your mind to take what you need, and leave the rest. And allow your soul to drink this in on a cellular level.


15 minute of musings found below!

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Would love to know how this is landing for you. Comment below!


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