Episode #61: Sound Healing as a Path to Personal & Professional Growth with Ashana

Client Transformation: Inspiration to Set Your Soul on Fire

Let me tell you a little story about an amazing human I am blessed to call a friend and a client…⁣

At the end of 2021, my friend and former assistant signed up for the launch of my group program.

She had suffered an earth shattering car accident and had severe physical and neurological symptoms⁣ following. She was later diagnosed with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

She was teaching at the college level at the time… I asked her why she signed up to work with me, and she said she just KNEW that our work together would support her in her healing journey. She felt the impulse and jumped right in.

Following the accident, she couldn’t work. She couldn’t drive. Her speech was impaired. And so much more.⁣

As she continued to lean in, I watched miracles begin to happen in her life. She recognized the blessing in disguise the accident provided – and that she was not fulfilled in her current career. She then resigned from her job. She moved to a new state. She began creating art again. Her doctor would say to her, “whatever you’re doing, KEEP doing it.” ⁣

We wrapped up our group container last month and she finally told me she was ready to work with me one on one to support her in launching her healing arts coaching business.⁣

Our contract was formally executed yesterday, and I cannot wait to get started and watch her co-create the life she was meant to live .


⁣I love working WITH clients who are ready to transmute their pain into purpose and gleen the wisdom from their wounds. She used this traumatic event in her life to propel her into what was next for her. I continue to be in awe of her deepening in her connection with Source, her ability to tune in to her intuitive gifts, her ability take risks, and to feel the fear and take aligned action anyway.⁣

One of my zones of genius is my ability to hold someone else in their highest potential before they can fully hold it for themselves. It takes courage. It takes devotion. It takes grit.⁣

Working private with me one on one is for those who are truly ready to move from the head into the heart. To take the action that isn’t logical, so that you can step into the magical.⁣


If you’re finally ready to set your soul on fire, and move into your highest potentiality, I am currently taking applications for 2 more private clients this quarter. This is a 9 month container and a 5 figure investment in yourself by Divine appointment ONLY. You know if this is for YOU .

Email me or text me at (954) 751-9860 and I will send you the application link. Let’s do the damn thang!

PS life is NOT a dress rehearsal. ⁣


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